Josh Wais,

Josh Wais leads Emerging Technology & Strategy at, an ecommerce marketplace based in Hoboken, NJ, and one of the fastest growing technology companies in history. Prior to his current role, Josh led the development of Jet’s customer-facing experience strategy, Jet’s early customer and market definition research, business development initiatives with major partners, the creation of Jet’s internal research and innovation lab, and the development of Jet’s differentiated product initiatives including those related to savings features and recommendations. Josh also started and built Jet’s iPhone and Android mobile app teams, both of whom won Best of 2015 awards from Apple and Google for their work, and was the first product manager on Jet’s retailer-facing product team. Prior to Jet, Josh was the Co-founder & COO of Wantworthy, a Google, RRE and Quotidian Ventures-funded startup, and a VC at Qualcomm Ventures. Josh holds a degree in entrepreneurship and operations management from Wharton.